Caris, Handfull and Promise earn AKC trick dog titles

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and “stay-at-home” orders, the Kingsbridge girls are practicing tricks and earning trick dog titles via video.  Caris and Handfull earned their Trick Dog Advanced titles (TKA) and Promise earned her Novice and Intermediate titles (TKN and TKI).  They are all working on the next levels to stay sharp for when performance events open up again.


Kingsbridge FCR recognized by Good Dog

Kingsbridge Flat-Coated Retrievers is a member of Good Dog whose mission is to educate the public, empower good breeders, and change the dog world.  To become a member a breeder must pass a screening process which focuses on five key areas:  1. Breeding practices; 2. Physical health of the breeding dogs and puppies; 3. Mental health of the breeding dogs and puppies; 4. Environment; and 5. Buyer education and policies.  Additionally Kingsbridge was awarded the Excellent Health badge for testing practices.


2019 Was A GREAT Year!

Caris earned 11 nosework titles in NACSW, UKC and C-WAGS in 2019.  Her daughter, Handfull, earned 2 agility titles, 2 tracking titles, and 19 nosework titles.  Most notably Handfull earned her Champion Tracker and NW3 Elite.  Promise, Handfull’s puppy, is in training and ready to start work in 2020!  Go Kingsbridge girls!


Puppies are here!

Handfull and her puppiesFour boys and four girls were born on June 11, 2019.  They are all black, wiggly, active, nursing and gaining weight daily.  Handfull is a wonderful mother keeping them safe, warm, nursing and cleaning up after them.  The largest pup was 1 lb 2.5 oz and the smallest 14 oz.


Kingsbridge girls score in 2017!

Caris earned 14 titles this year including agility, nose work and trick dog. Handfull earned 11 titles in rally, obedience, agility, nose work, tracking, tricks, conformation and Canine Good Citizen. These performances demonstrate the versatility of Flat-Coated Retrievers.  Both Caris and Handfull were trained and handled by Kathleen Stevens.


Kathleen Stevens is an Avidog Associate Breeder


What does being an Avidog Associate Breeder mean?  It means being a responsible breeder who raises pups to be as healthy and stable as possible, and committed to:

  • Continuing education;
  • Choosing dog parents carefully;
  • Taking good care of dog mom;
  • Nurturing baby puppies;
  • Creating stimulating puppy environments and well planned socialization and development; and
  • Carefully matching each puppy to its new home.

To learn more click on this link.



Tralee earns Junior Hunter


Tralee earned her AKC Junior Hunter title on May 7th at the Golden Retriever Club of IL Hunt Test in Wilmington, IL under judges Susan Steffey and Judy Merians.  To earn the title a dog must successfully complete 2 land and 2 water retrieves in 4 different tests.  At 9 years old Tralee is still running strong!


Kathleen Completes Breeder’s Course


Kathleen completed a 10-module online course designed for dog breeders.  This Avidog University course covered breeding goals and stretegies, selecting breeding stock, epigenetics, puppy rearing methods, puppy evalutions, selecting homes and matching puppies to new homes.  Looking forward to incorporating this learning into our next litter.   Avidog ITDB Crse 2015